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When You Feel Rejected Family by Maurice Berquist

When You Feel Rejected

Family by Maurice Berquist

Published April 17th 2014
Kindle Edition
75 pages
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 About the Book 

This is a book about rejection and acceptance. It grew out of an incredible response to the television program The Doctor Is In. The program, featuring Charles Schulz and his lovable Peanuts characters, was designed to talk about the hurting people of our country. Not only did we want to show people that we understand how they feel in their struggles with life, we wanted to tell them that there is hope—hope for healing. The “Doctor,” the Great Physician, is in our world. He can help.Thousands of requests have come by letter and telephone. Desperate cries for help literally avalanched us. “Tell me more about how to find this help” was a common request.A volcano of smoldering needs suddenly erupted.How can this be? The streets of our cities are lined with churches that proclaim the inexhaustible love of God. The airwaves literally vibrate with radio and television messages assuring the troubled that “God loves you.” Beautifully written books about love are spread like a smorgasbord before us. Nevertheless, we starve for love while we reject it.Not only do we reject others, we are rejected. Our timidly offered love comes back to us like a wrongly addressed letter. Can we understand ourselves? And others?Yes.Greater than our rejection is God’s acceptance. It not only gives us hope that we can find what we are looking for, it keeps on looking for us when we are running away from it. It is not only available, it is unavoidable.(From the Preface.)Written permission has been given to Reformation Publishers to publish this book in digital formats by the authors wife.