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Real Self Defence Geoff Thompson

Real Self Defence

Geoff Thompson

Published 1993
ISBN : 9781873475164
176 pages
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 About the Book 

Geoff Thompson has written 30 published books – 250,000 copies in print – and was on the Sunday Times Best-Seller list with his autobiographical book Watch My Back about his nine years working as a night club doorman.He has published several articles for GQ magazine, and has also been featured in FHM, Maxim, Arena, Front and Loaded magazines. For two years he was a contributing editor for Men’s Fitness magazine. He has been featured many times on mainstream TV about his book and his articles. Geoff has completed several book signing tours of Great Britain promoting his books in Waterstone and W.H. Smith.As one of the highest ranking martial arts instructors in Britain Geoff was voted the number 1 self defense author in the world by Black Belt Magazine USA and was invited to teach for Chuck Norris twice in Las Vegas Nevada.As a freelance journalist he has also written articles for or been featured in the Independent, London Standard, Guardian and Times Newspapers.His first film Bouncer, a ten-minute short for the Film Council (produced by Natasha Carlish at Dreamfinder) and starring Paddy Considine, Sean Parkes and Ray Winstone was nominated for a BAFTA in the 2003 awards. Bouncer was also nominated at The Edinburgh Film Festival for the Best Short category and it was also highly commended at both The Raindance Festival and TCM and subsequently licensed to Holland and Film 4.The film was also chosen by the British Council to be part of the Brittspotting tour and is being screened in cities such as Berlin and Toronto. It was also shown in Birmingham prior to every screening of Cronenberg’s Spider. As if that weren’t enough it has was also screened at the Cracow Film Festival and appeared in videoteque at Cannes in May 2003 as well as The Sydney International Film Festival in June 2003.Due to the success of Bouncer Ray Winstone agreed to executive produce his second short Brown Paper Bag which premiered at The Edinburgh Film Festival. Since it’s first screening Brown Paper Bag has been nominated for a RTS Award. The film has also been invited to film festivals in the US and Europe. Most importantly it has just won the BAFTA 2004 for best short film.His first play Doorman has just been produced by Paul Crewes (West Yorkshire Playhouse) and it premiered at The Drum Theatre in Plymouth in April 2003 and did a national tour in 2005. This was a spin off from his experience at the workshops with The Royal Court Writers Group which Geoff was invited to join a couple of years ago.Geoff’s first novel Red Mist was published in hardback by Summersdale Publishers and made the Times bestsellers.Geoff has written many motivational books to which he has a loyal following. Geoff conducts workshops and seminars to encourage others to take control of their fears and harness their talents.Geoff’s first feature film for cinema, Clubbed, has been optioned by Destiny Films and won an EMDA development loan. It is dues to go into production in winter 2006.He is also developing another feature – Cracks on the Pavement – which has been optioned by Natasha Carlish at Dreamfinder Productions, and has Paddy Considine signed up as the lead.-courtesy blog.geoffthompson.com/about