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The Antediluvian Current Pieter-Jan Beyul

The Antediluvian Current

Pieter-Jan Beyul

Published February 2nd 2013
34 pages
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 About the Book 

We aren’t the first to lay claim to this world. The Antediluvian Current can be best described as the most profound and persistent manifestation of consciousness. Even though its structural component is utterly destroyed, it didn’t die, for it can never wither away. In the words of Georges Bataille, the night is also a sun, and the absence of myth is also a myth. This current is an almost intuitive and perennial set of ideas on reality and humanity’s place therein. There is a concordance between the pluralities of cultures around the globe that contest the modern consensus. It is this concordance that is a remnant of a once greater wisdom that is now barely visible and thus known in the darkest of ages.Because of the contingent-cyclical nature of reality and the almost unbridgeable chasm that manifests with historical change, there is a tremendous difficulty to transpose ourselves to the mental universe of other era’s. This is an obstacle faced primarily by historians, but also by occultists when they are confronted with the origins of the magical tradition and the causality of their workings. Agencies at work in the magickal practices of leading occultists, have also co-authored the story of mankind. Their nature is obscure and clouded in mystery, but glimpses of their origins can be known through the study of history and practical appliance of the aforementioned wisdom traditions.A new modus operandi is needed to gain entrance to the realms that were accessible with rites, teachings and disciplines of the ages that preceded it. The latter are no longer fit for people living in the following ages. In this hostile environment, we are now forced to use the emergency kit that the antediluvians provided us. The downfall of the modern world will be the gateway to a New Aeon, a Hyperborean renaissance, as prophesized by the Great Beast 666.