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Shadow Warrior: Destiny of a Mutant Larry Townley

Shadow Warrior: Destiny of a Mutant

Larry Townley

Published December 14th 2012
ISBN : 9781481219037
334 pages
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 About the Book 

1462: In a small village in England a child named Will Essex is born. As the child grows older, it becomes apparent that he is no ordinary child- instead, he is a mutant born with the mind of a super genius, the fighting skills of a Martial Arts master, the strength of 20 men, and the ability to speak, read and write languages that he has never seen before – including the language of an alien race of intergalactic guardians that protect the known universe. The aliens become aware of Will’s birth, as he is the first child ever to be born on Earth with mutant abilities, and when he is 18, they approach him to join their ranks as a Guardian. Will is brought to their home planet where he undergoes a genetic enhancement process that has never been performed on a human before, and as a result, Will unexpectedly develops superhuman powers, including invulnerability, the power of flight, hyper-speed, immortality, and other miraculous powers! As a Guardian, he is known throughout the universe as the Shadow Warrior!One of Will’s first assignments as a Guardian is to protect Earth, which has been visited and monitored by numerous alien civilizations for millennia, and to keep humans from learning that there is other intelligent life in the universe until they have matured enough as a race to accept this revelation.1942: Hitler’s Nazi horde is rampaging across Europe in his bid to conquer Europe and achieve his ultimate goal of world domination, but the Allied forces have started to turn the tide in their favor and are defeating Hitler in battle after battle. However, this all changes after an alien spacecraft, that is on a peaceful scientific mission, crashes on Earth and its occupants, along with their advanced weapons, are captured. The Nazis begin using the alien’s advanced weaponry against the Allied forces and subsequently gain the upper hand!Follow Will’s exciting adventures as he and a team of German-speaking American, British, and Australian commandos are tasked with rescuing the aliens, retrieving their devastating weapons, and stopping the Nazis before they take over the world!