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Winter Frost (Inspector Frost, #5) R.D. Wingfield

Winter Frost (Inspector Frost, #5)

R.D. Wingfield

Published 2000
508 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Denton is having more than its fair share of crime. A serial killer is murdering local prostitutes- a man demolishing his garden shed uncovers a long-buried skeleton- there is an armed robbery at a local minimart and a ram raid at a jewellers.But Detective Inspector Jack Frosts main concern is for the safety of a missing eight-year-old, and soon after another girl is reported missing, her body is found . . . raped and strangled.Then Frosts prime suspect hangs himself in his cell, leaving a note blaming Frost for driving him to suicide.Coarse, insubordinate and fearless, DI Jack Frost is in serious trouble.